Saying "no" might be the only thing that Dawnn Lewis has difficulty doing, which is apparent in her incredible energy. Even as series regular on a weekly television show, Dawnn continued composing songs, writing and performing jingles, and doing a series of motivational speaking engagements and concerts for organizations such as the H.E.L.P. Group and the American Cancer Society. She is also involved as a board member for the national youth groups, Little Angel Bunny Foundation, Campfire Boys and Girls, Youth Entertainment Studios (Y.E.S.) and is the Director of the Speakers Bureau for Arnold Schwarzenegger's Inner City Games. As an avid sports fan, Dawnn also donates her time to many NFL, MLB & NBA charities and events including the NBA's Stay In School Jam!, as well as several of their players private foundations.

Growing up in Brooklyn with strong traditional Caribbean family values, Dawnn attended the High School of Music & Art, graduating at the age of 16, then graduating Magna Cum Laude from the University of Miami. Even as a college freshman, she wanted to do more than what the school program allowed her. She surreptitiously added so many classes that she was finally invited to launch an experimental pilot project, acting as student guinea pig, which led to the first musical theatre degree at the University of Miami.

Dawnn Lewis Dawnn Lewis Dawnn Lewis

Encouraging young people has always been imperative to Dawnn, who feels that her celebrity status gives her the best opportunity to help the youth of this country. She has been a spokesperson for such important organizations as the National Council for AIDS Awareness, American Lung Association, 2001 spokesperson for Easter Seals, NAACP, 4-H Club, UNICEF, the United Negro College Fund, and the Office of Substance Abuse Prevention, Athletes & Entertainers for Kids, the aforementioned Campfire Boys & Girls and Y.E.S. She also lectures on motivational topics to college and civic groups across the country.

The old adage that, "if you want something done, ask a busy person to do it" is true, says Dawnn. "The more I'm involved, the more I learn and discover great projects that inspire me." In the future, she also wants to devote more time to films and music, and ultimately produce her own projects.

"I feel blessed to be able to lead a life where I love my work, and I can help bring some light and joy into people's lives."

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